Softlights (Paris) T5 Range

T5 Classic picture

NOW With Individual Bulb Dimming and RADIO DMX Control

We are pleased to be able to offer this range to the UK, used extensivly in Hollywood the T5 is product line of fluorescent lights.

Based on a specailly manufactured full-spectrum T5 16 mm linear fluorescent lamp, the T5 offers high light output with perfectly balanced colour in both daylight (5600k) and incandescent (3200k)

The fixtures run with incorporated state-of-the-art electronics. You take the control of the light via remote DMX, or the local, built-in, digital dimmer.

The fixtures are solid but lightweight- suited for both Cine, Video ENG and EFP applications.

There are many sizes of lamphead in this range, see the table below.

T5 Product Guide

  Dimension L- H-W

(lamps included)

Incident light
@ 1.20 m ( 4 ft)

T5 Classic L 89 cm H 23.5 cm W 5.5 cm

4.9 KG

1825 lux (170fc)

T5 Big one L 89 cm H 75 cm W 1.5 cm

18 KG

6900 lux

T5 Medium L 89 cm H 13.5 cm W 5. cm

2.3 KG

1050 lux

T5 Long one L 149 cm H 13.5 cm W 5.5 cm

5.1 KG

1800 lux

T5 Small L 59 cm H 13.5 cm W 5.5 cm

1.9 KG

840 lux

T Strawlight L 85 cm or 55 cm    

If you are concerned with skin tones in any lighting situation, T5 is the cinematographers choice

The T5 Classic will take a mix of 3200 and 5600 bulbs to enable dial up of the required colour temp

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Brighter than any equivelent lamphead
[Bullet] Fully Dimmable (by indivdual bulb if required)
[Bullet] Local or Remote Control or Wireless

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