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PowerKey Videssence Lighting - One of the brightest
BabyBase Videssence Lighting - Smallest fluorescent location lighting
Softlights T5 Softlights - With Radio or Wired DMX dimming
Canara - A quality range of products at very attractive prices Studio Lighting including a fluorescent with the power of a 4k !
Low Energy Fresnel Spotlight A CDM 150w Fresnel , ideal for use with fluorescent lighting
Rololight A system of the lightest T5 Fixtures ever, now with Kino Bulbs

GE Cinema type fluorescent bulb specs (pdf)

OSRAM TV Fluorescent bulb specs (pdf)

Lamp Head Data (XLS) Courtesy Bernie Davis © - Link will open Excel Spreadsheet, if you have Excel installed. Right click to download file (230kb) contains a macro.

Conference rooms, architectural lighting - Softkey - Softlight - Softwash Installation

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