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Videssence PowerKey Range

P055-155BX-DA (One Bulb)

P110-255BX-DA (Two Bulbs)

P220-455BX-DA (Four Bulbs)

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POWERKEY, Videssence newest addition at IBC and NAB , provides the most powerful beam of controlled light for key lighting in the industry. The precisely engineered reflector focuses the light where it is needed, eliminating the need for additional intensifiers or silvered barn doors to capture and attenuate the light beam. In addition, beam adjustability is provided with a simple Bulb Racking adjustment mechanism (patented) that moves the lamp within the reflector allowing for easy field adjustments. An adjustable mounting yoke allows rotation for ease of focus and may be locked into place. The "POWER KEY" is a series of 55watt,110 watt and 220watt units with 3000, 3200, 4100, 5600, 6500 Kelvin Biax lamps. Formed aluminium units are post-painted with TGIC polyester powder coat. Units may be ordered in dim and non-dim configurations. UL/CUL/CE approved

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Significantly brighter than ANY equivalent 1 - 2 - 4 bulb model

[Bullet] Focusable

[Bullet] Dimmable (0-10v or DMX)

[Bullet] Download spec sheet P055-155BX-DA P110-255BX.pdf P220-455BX-DA

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